"Jan the Man” Basics of Marketing Your Home

The following is “Jan the Man’s” approach to Marketing your home.

Jan will first want to set up a meeting to personally meet with prospective Sellers. He will want to make sure that all involved decision making parties are a part of this meeting.

Jan will first take a walk through the home with the clients observing the overall condition of the home while making mental notes of large and minor improvements that need to be made in order to successfully sell the home.
Then Jan will sit down and review with the prospective clients his specific Marketing program that he has full confidence in selling the home in a timely manner and at a fair and reasonable price. A lot of this will be discussed at that time, but the timing of how quick individuals want to sell the home has a lot to do with the specific Marketing plan that will be agreed upon.

Then Jan will review Comparable Active listings and sold listings in the specific section of the subdivision of their home. Jan will then take it a step further and utilize some appraisal formulas to compare the best three recently sold listings against the Sellers’ home to arrive at a Marketing range within which the home should be listed based on the Market of that subdivision at that point in time.

Where the home is priced within the determined range will be based to a large degree on the condition of the home and the timing of how soon the Sellers want to sell their home.

The Sellers at this point normally ask what they need to do to get their home ready to be put on the market.

Jan’s response is normally the same comment!

Get two baseball hats and put them on. Pretend these are Buyers’ hats. Go across the street and look at the home as though you were considering buying the home. How is the curb appeal? Is the yard well landscaped or are the bushes overgrown and weeds taking over the grass. Do you see any color? Are there any blooming flowers? If not, buy a couple pots of geraniums and put at either side of the front door. How is your front door? Is your front door shining from a recent sanding and a new coat of paint or is it weather-beaten and not giving the best impression.

As you walk into the home, is it bright and cheery or is it dark and gloomy? Think then how you can change this! Does it need more light in the entry? Are all the blinds in the family room open so that natural light is flowing in? Does it need a new coat of paint?

Walking through each room, do you see clutter as a Buyer (remember you have your Buyer hat on)? If so, you have to remove the clutter. If these things have sentimental value, then box them up and put them in one of the bedrooms neatly in a corner or better yet put them in a climate controlled storage facility. Remember when doing this “Less is More”.

Open all the blinds as you walk through a room. Are they dusty? If so, make a note that your home probably needs a deep cleaning by a professional cleaning company.

How long has it been since you changed the return air filters in your home? If they are dirty, put this high on your list of things to do.

Now you walk into the kitchen. To most families this is where they spend a lot of time and they want to see the kitchen sparkle. Open the pantry. If you the find the pantry full, disorganized, and dirty is this a sign of how the rest of the home is being taken care of? Remember most families take great pride in their kitchen. Open the oven. Does it look like it has not been cleaned since you moved in, clean and clean and clean until it sparkles. Believe it or not, there are oven cleaners today that I could even use to make an oven sparkle!

Look at the fireplace if the home has one. Is it full of ashes from a year ago, or has it recently been cleaned.

All these things Buyers will look at and can turn them off from the home very quickly.

Now, as you walk through the bathrooms, are they clean with clean towels. Have the tubs and showers been recently caulked and look like they are ready for you to move in and take a shower?

Now, you walk outside. Are you impressed with what you see? Is the backyard being cared for as well as the front yard? Sometimes the front yard looks great and then Buyers are disappointed when they walk into the backyard. Are the lawn mower and tools that are used to maintain the home left scattered around the backyard or are they neatly put away in the garage or in a storage building?

Now, what about pets. Every situation is different. Jan prefers to discuss this with you when he first meets at your home. One thing to remember is that your home is going to show the best with no pets in your home and no odors from your pets being inside your home.

After discussing all these things, Jan will ask the Sellers when were they thinking of putting their home on the market? After thinking about what they need to do, they may decide they need a couple of weeks to get their home really ready.

Jan will then coordinate with them for when professional pictures will be taken of their home along with Virtual Tours, etc. Jan will coordinate a date for one of his signs to be installed and let them know when he will have the listing on line and what web sites their home will be displayed on.

Jan will additionally coordinate with them for showings to be set up through Centralized Showing which is a showing service that coordinates 90% of all showings in the Houston area. This will keep the Sellers informed of when an agent is going to show their home and also give them immediate feedback when the potential Buyers give feedback regarding their showing.

What if you are planning on buying another home as well as selling your existing home? You may think, can this be done? Absolutely, every situation is different and when you meet with Jan he will discuss all this with you and the best course of action based on your individual situation. Jan has coordinated multiple transactions on one day where Sellers close at 9:00am in the morning on the home they are selling and close at 2:00pm on the home they are Buying.  This is can be an enjoyable experience and Jan would love the opportunity of working with you.

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Jan Gillespie
Jan Gillespie