Why use a realtor for buying

When buying a home
If you considering having a Will prepared for your family, do you get a friend to do it for you because they tell you they went to law school for one semester? I am sure your answer is NO!

So why would you consider making probably the biggest financial investment of your life without a professional Realtor like “Jan the Man”.

Jan works with each of his clients from the time he first meets with them through every step in the Buying process up to the closing of their home. This includes:
  • Connecting them with a highly recommended Loan Officer that will give them alternatives for financing.
  • Meeting personally with them to determine the detailed specifics of the ideal home they are looking for and setting up a custom search that will send them e-mails of listings for them to review to make their search easier for them.
  • Once they have identified several homes that they like and meets their needs, then go back and see these homes again to agree on the home they want to make an offer on.
  • Jan will then meet with them and decide the specifics of their offer and communicate this to the Listing agent.
  • Jan will then negotiate on the Buyers’ behalf to get the home for the best possible price including all the parts of the offer that can amount to a lot of savings to the Buyers.
  • When we get an accepted offer, then Jan will recommend several Home inspectors to inspect the home to make sure there will not be any surprises after the home is actually purchased.

New Home
When potential Buyers are considering buying a new home, there is a real perception that they do not really need a Realtor representing them when they buy a new home! This is a big mistake. The Sales price of a new home has the commission of the realtor built in. So, if a Sales Representative tells you they will give you a better deal if you do not have a Realtor they are NOT BEING TRUTHFUL!  With an Experienced Realtor like “Jan the Man”, the Sales Representative knows that Jan is going to explain the whole process to them and that no details will be over looked. From assisting them in selecting the best floor plan, the lot they are going to build on, and what things they should consider adding to the home that most Buyers have a need for.

Along with this is of course negotiating the best possible price and taking advantage of all incentives that may be possible by using the Builder’s lender, etc. Jan will also suggest that you have the home inspected even though the Builder has told you that they have outside inspectors who do this for you.

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Jan Gillespie
Jan Gillespie